The Company deals with design and preparation of construction work, from conceptual studies up to shop drawings, reviews, engineering activities and author’s supervision. Special attention is devoted to architecturally exposed steel and steel-glass structures and their design.

The Company was established in 1991 by three partners and at the beginning offered all embracing services from design up to delivery of buildings and constructions. Gradually it made its name as a progressive engineer’s studio. Taking part in the work of foreign architects in international design teams has had a decisive effect on its development.

The Company has demonstrated that its can stand the test in a demanding competitive environment, gain credit as a respected partner, and offer design services at a corresponding level. Our philosophy builds on flexibility, world-class software, demanding technical tasks, helpfulness towards the client, and accented work quality.

Our Company stresses the progressive methods of predictive engineering. The finite element method is a standard part of our design, and constitutes the basic element of its verification and optimization. Dealing with matters of stability, using linear, modal, non-linear geometric, material and contact analysis, designing pre-load, using super elements and applying semi-rigid joints enables us to identify savings in technical solution while preserving a high level of safety and reliability. Major tasks are dealt with by means of numerical analysis using the NASTRAN software.
In addition to building construction, numerical analysis is often applied to mechanical engineering and technological parts of individual projects. The analysis is aided by extensive practical and theoretical experience. Checking the obtained results by means of similar
software like ANSYS, ABACUS, MARC etc. is standard.

We base our work on ample practical and theoretical experiences of statics and dynamics of building structures, on our knowledge of cutting edge software and frequent mistakes made during its use. We are using modern approach to predictive engineering. Completeness control based on decree n° 499/2006 Sb. and control in accordance with ČSN EN. We propose our services on the basis of mutual respect in a quality satisfying both challenging foreign clients and control mechanisms.

When dealing with demanding design tasks the developing Company experienced a need to be able to influence individual factors until the last moment and, at the same time, to prepare simultaneously project and construction documentation. In the light of the above, the company has extended its services – now providing even the preparation of (the) shop drawings. To achieve that the Company makes use of software Tekla Structures and SolidWorks, Solid Edge and other modellers based on parasolids which enables us to prepare accurate drawings and reports at all stages of modelling.

Once the data are transferred to general interchangeable formats, models are incorporated in technological projects. A conversion to the 3D pdf format allows us to present the very solution to the client-not demanding him to have any specific software.

Our portfolio encompases also various technologic designs required in industrial buildings (baghouse filters, silos, bins, dump hoppers, industrial exhaust pipework, pipe and cable tray bridges, heavy-duty frameworks and supports for technological equipments). We can participate at any point from the initial design up to realization documentation, shop detailing and assembly drawings. Including the design we also provide static, dynamic, seismic and CFD analyses by numerical simulations using cutting-edge software.